Associate Journal Editor


Travis A. Olson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

NCSM is an encompassing organization that brings together professionals interested in better understanding and investigating the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels. As the associate journal editor, it is my pleasure to serve NCSM in a manner that facilitates the generation and dissemination of research that informs teachers, leaders, scholars, and researchers in mathematics education.

I joined NCSM after being at UNLV and working with colleagues in Clark County, NV. Through my work with these colleagues, I observed the unique and positive role that NCSM plays in decision making and informing leaders in school districts. Once a member of NCSM, I have had the pleasure of working with many other NCSM members (including board members), and through these interactions I observed the passionate focus my colleagues displayed for their work through NCSM. Seeing the positive influence in my local school district of this organization, as well as the passion and forward thinking of my NCSM colleagues, I have remained a proud member for many years.

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