David McKillop

Independent Mathematics Consultant

As NCSM heads toward its 50th anniversary in 2018, I look forward to serving on the Board as historian, continuing the tremendous work of Fran Berry, to insure the history of our wonderful mathematics education leadership organization is recorded and preserved for future generations. From my first NCSM Conference 30 years ago to the present, NCSM has contributed so much in my development as a mathematics education leader.

I joined NCSM when I attended my first conference in 1985 on the recommendation of a fellow mathematics leader in Nova Scotia. It became very clear that this organization brought together the best minds in mathematics education and tackled all the issues facing everyone who is trying to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Over the years NCSM has continued to expand and improve the resources and opportunities it provides its members, and to set a vision for mathematics education. The annual conferences continue to inspire us with knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement. I value the many friendships I have made over the years, and the opportunities NCSM provided me to make presentations, to serve as 2nd vice president, to be a conference program chair, and to serve on the Awards Committee. Without a doubt, I believe that NCSM is the "happening" organization for everyone in a mathematics leadership position.