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Linda K. Griffith, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Central Arkansas

Although I am not currently state or district supervisor of mathematics, I do have a strong relationship to leaders in mathematics education, particularly instructional facilitators (coaches, specialists) because of my role in providing professional development for this group in my state. I have lived in three of the states in this region (Arkansas, Texas and Alabama) and I have worked in all the states in this region. I am dedicated to improving mathematics education for all students. I enjoy working and collaborating with mathematics education leaders in all capacities. It is a great honor to serve as the NCSM Treasurer because it gives me an opportunity to support the work of the leaders in mathematics education in my region. I look forward to meeting and working with all the mathematics education leaders in this region.

In 1991 I had the honor of being awarded a Kellogg Foundation Leadership Fellowship. This required that I spend a large portion of three years studying outside my area (mathematics education). I selected to study other cultures and public policy. My immersions in other cultures (African American, Latino, Native American) during this period helped me develop a deeper understanding of the role of culture in living and learning. I know I cannot fully appreciate all the significant elements of a culture other than my own, but I can respect and value diversity.

As a child of a family living in poverty, I understand many of the issues facing children from all cultures that come to school without the strong family support. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of a discussion between my parents about sending me back to school after I turned 16 (the age at that time one could legally drop out). I wanted desperately to go back and finish school. My parents felt that school was leading to me believe I could have a life that really was not accessible to me because they did not have the money to fund it. The only reason they decided to allow me to continue was because I had a younger sister and they wanted me to be at school with her. I understand economic inequity because I have been on both sides, the child of poverty and the middle class parent.

NCSM's vision of mathematics education with access and equity for all is deeply connected to my personal believe system and experience. I strive everyday to help teachers understand that all students can think mathematically and learn mathematics. All students deserve and are entitled to rich mathematics experience that is relevant and meaningful to them.

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