Mission and Vision

Revised July, 2007

The mission statement is our purpose - why do we exist for our members? The vision statement is based upon four "stories" or elements of pursuit by our Board and members. Based upon the acronym that has been our legacy for forty years, our revised vision is built upon the pillars of:

We hope you will join us in our pursuit of becoming N C S M.

NCSM Mission Statement

The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) is a mathematics leadership organization for educational leaders that provides professional learning opportunities necessary to support and sustain improved student achievement.

NCSM Vision Statement

NCSM envisions a professional and diverse learning community of educational leaders that ensures every student in every classroom has access to effective mathematics teachers, relevant curricula, culturally responsive pedagogy, and current technology.

To achieve our NCSM vision, we will:

N:Network and collaborate with stakeholders in education, business, and government communities to ensure the growth and development of mathematics education leaders
C:Communicate to mathematics leaders current and relevant research, and provide up-to-date information on issues, trends, programs, policies, best practices and technology in mathematics education
S:Support and sustain improved student achievement through the development of leadership skills and relationships among current and future mathematics leaders
M:Motivate mathematics leaders to maintain a life-long commitment to provide equity and access for all learners